Notes you mustn't skip when hiring a skip bin

19 September 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


Skips bin hiring companies are indispensable sanitation partners to clients with considerable garbage turnover. They save the clients money by obviating daily garbage removal while neatly containing the refuse in a manageable form. Every school, residential block or even construction site should have a skip bin.  If you are a manager or an individual planning to hire a skip bin to solve refuse issues, take a moment to look at these useful tips.


Consult with your local authority to find out whether placing a skip bin outside the limits of your property is allowed. This is because the roadside is more accessible to collecting lorries. Regardless of the location of your chosen spot, it must be dry and level with firm paving or other ground preparation. The access ground to this location should be level and firm too and not loose, which could bog down the bin hire truck or cause the wheels to slip. Additionally, check to make sure that there are no roof or tree overhangs that are likely to scrape a passing truck's body.

Terms of service

Talk with a skip bin hire company and find out about what affects the price. As the skip bin hire company is normally also responsible for skip bin collection and emptying, enquire about their collection schedule. This could be daily or weekly, but whatever the time, insist on having the right to have them collect the skip bin on request. This is because there may be situations where an uncommon activity on your property, such as tree trimming or building renovation, generates a large load of trash that will fill up the skip bin before it is due for collection. This ensures continuous availability of dumping space. Additionally, check to see if the company will assign you a marked bin that isn't to be assigned to other customers after emptying.


Skip bin hire companies offer a wide range of choices to fit your needs and space. Estimate your garbage output and get a skip bin that is slightly larger. This margin of size allows safe carrying and prevents garbage overspill before collection time. The skip bin itself should be of a robust, thick-walled construction, preferably made and serviced by the hiring company. Keep in mind that overfilling it could lead to a fine.


The sides should be well painted, and it shouldn't be unreasonably corroded. Inspect the floor, corners and upper edges for holes and rot. The lugging shackles should both be sturdily joined to the skip bin.

Another important thing to know is whether the skip bin hiring company restricts certain types or garbage. Consult them, and comply accordingly.